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The white Phantom versus the white Ghost - it sounds like the premise of a supernatural horror film… but this is in fact the infinite question of which of the world’s two most sought-after automobiles make the best wedding car – the Rolls-Royce Phantom or the Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Both luxury saloon cars, which come in a variety of colours including white, are extremely popular choices for brides on their wedding days. But how does the Phantom measure up to the Ghost, and vice versa? If you’re trying to decide which one to choose to escort you to your venue, read on.

Let’s first look at their similarities before we begin comparing their differences. Both large sedans boast BMW-derived 12 cylinder engines under their imposing bonnets. Also, they both have coach-like doors and stand-up grills. Both of the driver’s luxurious cabins are constructed from the finest woods and leathers, assembled in the pride of English craftsmanship.

The Ghost is a slightly newer model than the equivalent Phantom, coming into production in 2010, two years later than the Phantom, which began production in 2008. It does have a more modern look compared to the classic Phantom that evokes heritage and royalty. Both models looks quite similar to the untrained eye, but the Ghost is actually quite a bit smaller in size, often being described as the smaller stablemate to the Phantom.

The Ghost has a retail price of around £170,000, whilst the Phantom’s RRP is up at the £270,000 mark, so is a substantially more expensive car than the Ghost (by £100,000).

Despite being less expensive than the Phantom, the Ghost actually rates higher on drivability. While the Phantom is often chauffeur-driven, the Ghost offers the driver a supreme driving experience due to it being more tailored to the driver than the Phantom and therefore providing a more dynamic experience behind the wheel. However, this is of course irrelevant to the bride-to-be, as she naturally will be a chauffered passenger riding in the lap of luxury.

The Ghost also has a more potently powerful engine to the Phantom, boasting a turbocharged twin V12 engine over the naturally aspirated engine of the Phantom. Having a less extended wheel base and smaller chassis, it goes without saying that, based on simple physics, the lighter Ghost can go faster than it’s bigger, more cumbersome big brother.

It would be hard to find a car with a more luxuriously lofty and superior interior than the Phantom, but the Ghost makes a pretty good effort at it. The plush leather interior of the Ghost is less exclusive and palatial than the Phantom’s, and feels ever so slightly more in line with us non-blue-blooded people.

In terms of comfort, compared to other luxury cars, the Ghost is a hard candidate to beat with its superb suspension system – nevertheless, the Phantom reigns superior in the comfort stakes, setting the overall benchmark for ride and interior comfort.

Overall, the Phantom is the slower, more refined, cultivated and genteel grandfather of the Rolls-Royce family, while the Ghost is more akin to a cooler, quicker, more cocky little brother. Therefore, the Ghost might suit the car enthusiast who loves to be behind the wheel of luxury, but possible not so much a bride who wants to relish every second of being chauffeured at a leisurely pace to her wedding venue with all the class and sophistication that the Phantom offers.

So, if this has helped you make your mind up on whether you’re going to hire a Phantom or a Ghost for your special day, get contacting Compare Wedding Cars now to speak with an agent to discuss your stunning chauffer-driven Rolls-Royce wedding car.

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